Food Security in our Residential Care Programs

According to the World Food Program, 60% of Hondurans experience food insecurity. Children under 5, especially girls, and people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable when it comes to malnutrition and food insecurity. Furthermore, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have put even more families in Honduras at risk of facing food insecurity and malnutrition.

At NPH Honduras, our kitchen prepares three healthy and delicious meals daily to ensure that the children and adolescents living in residential care receive the nutrition they need and deserve. Furthermore, children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses received individualized dietary plans to meet their differentiated needs. Our healthcare team performs yearly well-child checkups to all beneficiaries to ensure that their BMI is adequate according to their age group.

In our kitchen, all meals are prepared to include the food groups that are essential to a balanced diet and include produce and animal products that is sourced on-site at the Santa Fe Ranch. This guarantees that meals are as fresh as possible while simultaneously minimizing food purchasing expenses. In addition to feeding the children, our kitchen also provides healthy, balanced meals to staff members who live on-site, as well as volunteers. Every day at NPH Honduras, we feed more than 500 people healthy, nutritious meals. Food security and proper nutrition is a priority for NPH Honduras, because we know that a full stomach leads to healthy, happy, and prosperous children and adults.


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