Primary Healthcare at NPH Honduras

Many families in Honduras lack access to quality primary healthcare. The primary care clinic at NPH Honduras provides services to all children and adolescents living in residential care at the Santa Fe Ranch, as well as to staff and volunteers. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is staffed by two physicians, six nurses, one pharmacist, one dentist, and four therapists.  Our health team ensures that healthy children receive preventive health consultations and that children with chronic diseases maintain an adequate state of health and have a good quality of life. When a child arrives to NPH’s residential care, he or she receives a comprehensive health evaluation to understand their medical history and context.

The nearest hospital is about 45 minutes from NPH Honduras, and NPH Honduras has a fully equipped ambulance to attend to any emergency. A distinctive feature of the residential care facilities that NPH operates is that we invest in primary health care to ensure that the lack of public health care does not limit children’s development. This is important because without primary care clinics, it would be a challenge to meet all the health needs of our beneficiaries. Our health team supervises public health promotion and prevention programs at NPH Honduras including our nutrition programs, our drinking water infrastructure, and fumigation campaigns to prevent vector-borne illnesses. NPH Honduras serves 85 children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities, and 189 with at least one chronic illness.


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