Corporate Donors

Partners Working Together for the Children of Latin America and the Caribbean: The Power to Empower

Your company’s support of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) will directly impact thousands of lives across Latin America and the Caribbean. By working with us to provide for our children’s basic needs and educational opportunities, you will help them transcend poverty, become productive members of society, and transform their communities.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation by Working With NPH

Developing a reputation as a responsible corporate citizen sets your company apart. It helps you retain current customers and attract new ones. Studies show that consumers prefer products and services offered by companies with established corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable outreach programs.

  • 71% of global consumers said they’d be willing to pay more for a socially or environmentally responsible product. 

  • 84% of global consumers say they seek out responsible products wherever possible. 

  • 91% of global citizens expect companies to do more than make a profit, they believe companies need to act responsibly and address issues. 

Employees want to work for companies that have a culture and mission they believe in. CSR is important to customers and employees alike. 

“Our company Totto contributes to NPH since as a private company we want to have a social role supporting and contributing to the education of Salvadoran children. We partner with NPH as it is a comprehensive foundation that promotes Christian and educational values, delivering young people to our society who in the future will support and contribute to the changes that our country so badly needs. As a company Totto is committed to contributing to the development of programs that positively impact our Salvadoran society.”

Isabel Castro, Commercial Manager, Totto El Salvador

Learn how Totto works with NPH to benefit a local community!

How You Can Partner with NPH

“Alas Doradas is a company committed to our community. We donate products that we manufacture to the different foundations that need it. And we know very well that NPH El Salvador is a foundation that cares about the well-being of our neighbors, and that is why we do not hesitate to extend our help.”

Sharon Canales, CSR and Communications Coordinator, Alas Doradas El Salvador

You Have the Power To Transform Lives 

How Your Company Can Support NPH 

Your company can enrich the lives of children and communities in the following ways:

  • Give a financial contribution for the general support of the children of NPH or for a specific country or program.

  • Make an in-kind donation of goods to an NPH Home or program. (Contact an NPH representative to learn more.)

  • Engage in a cause-related marketing program to both promote your company and raise funds for NPH.

  • Connect with an individual child through our corporate child sponsorship opportunities.

  • Join a matching gift program.

  • Establish a workplace giving program.

  • Fund a university scholarship for an NPH youth who is earning a degree in a field related to your industry.

  • Plan a trip. Bring your executive team to an NPH home and see firsthand how your support transforms lives.

  • Sponsor or host a local NPH fundraising event.

How NPH Can Support Your Company

Build your reputation by demonstrating your commitment to social causes and sustainable outcomes in your local community and beyond.

We’ll highlight your company to the NPH global family–more than 20,000 members of our engaged international social media community, plus thousands more members in our nine countries across the region.

We can also promote your company at our regional events, which reach a broad audience of consumers. Engage your employees in order to promote employee loyalty and morale.

  • Host a “pequeño presentation,” where NPH children visit and present at your offices, to inform your employees of your support.

  • Encourage your employees to volunteer in an NPH home or program.

  • Plan a corporate trip to bring your employees together to visit an NPH home.

Become a Corporate Donor