Our Impact

NPH’s Whole Child Philosophy Makes the Difference


NPH homes are residential care facilities that offer a stable, permanent family environment, giving children and youth a chance to focus on education and personal growth. They are taught the values of work, sharing, and responsibility in a Christian environment.


We operate family and community strengthening programs, including daycare centers and food kitchens, and make every effort to reunite biological families through our family reintegration programs.


We help prepare adolescents and young adults in the NPH family to meet their futures through vocational training, university education, career training and support, independent living support, and leadership training.


We provide formal education from Montessori pre-K to high school, plus early childhood development. In NPH homes and local communities, children receive quality primary and secondary education.


We care for the medical needs of our children and communities through a network of primary care clinics and by offering comprehensive hospital care. Our full-service pediatric hospital in Haiti serves women and children.


In 2020, 13% of our residential population are people with disabilities. We provide a range of therapy treatments and services, including occupational, physio, art, and speech for children, youth, and adults with cognitive, physical, and other challenges.


Our care approach is rooted in Catholic social teaching. Spiritual formation and development is a part of daily life. We offer social and emotional support and counseling for children and youth in NPH homes, as well as children and families in the communities we serve.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and communities.

– Father Wasson

Children Thrive and Grow with NPH

Inspired by the legacy of our founder Fr. William Wasson, NPH seeks to help children be their best—to encourage them to dream big dreams and support them as they strive to transform their lives for the better. We work with children in our homes and local communities to learn to exercise their own agency, to embrace who they are, to protect and strengthen both their voice and their person. We work to break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability by imbuing children with sustainable strength.

Across the region, children suffer daily:

  • They live in dangerous and unsanitary conditions, sometimes on the street
  • They lack access to basic health care and nutrition
  • They grow up illiterate unable to attend school
  • They suffer abuse at home and violence in the community

With your help, we are giving them:

Father William B. Wasson, Founder of NPH

A permanent home and loving family they can count on

Nutritious food and clean water

Father William B. Wasson, Founder of NPH

Comprehensive medical services and well-care

Catholic values and a strong and empowering sense of culture

Father William B. Wasson, Founder of NPH

Quality education and support to become caring, productive members of society

Our Impact in 2023 by the Numbers

fully supported children and youth

University graduates

High School graduates (bachillerate level)

graduates (all levels of education)


of graduates were female

services provided through community outreach programs

Children from the community received scholarships to attend school

therapy treatments and services (occupational, physio, art, speech)