OneFamily: NPH’s Family Reintegration Program

All children have the right to grow up in a loving family environment. This idea has always been at the center of NPH’s philosophy and values. Though NPH Honduras operates residential care programs for children and adolescents who cannot currently live with their biological families, we constantly work to maintain the connect between the child and his or her biological family, and when possible, to reintegrate the child with his or her biological or extended family.

The NPH Honduras OneFamily program supports children or adolescents and their families through the entire process of reintegration, from preparation for reintegration through follow up after the reintegration has occurred. The OneFamily team consists of psychologists and social workers who accompany children and their families through this process, ensuring that the children continue to go to school, receive medical care, and live healthy and happy lives with their families.

In 2022, there are 44 children in our OneFamily program, spread out across the entire country. These children and their families receive regular visits from our team, as well as attend workshops and training sessions that give them the tools they need to stay united as a family and ensure adequate development of the children.


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