Extracurricular Activities for our Children

Local Context:
Extracurricular activities are not formally included in the curriculum of Peruvian schools. NPH would like to offer these opportunities to our children so they develop talents, knowledge, and new skills. Public schools rarely have any activities sponsored by the school. These activities can actually improve the grades of our children and their outlook at school in general. Participating in activities that are passionate about can increase their brain function, help concentrate and manage their time better, all of which contribute to higher grades.

Extracurricular Activities:
Our children will have the chance to participate in multiple different activities, get the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions they never knew they had. Working hard and mastering new skills in a fun and relaxed way can allow them to be successful without the pressure of getting a good grade. We would like to offer different workshops so our children can learn new skills that are useful in their school life and day-to-day activities, and hopefully in their future.

Music: We have some instruments in our home like a keyboard, three guitars, flutes and 8 “cajones”. With the right direction, the children learn to play some instruments and understand music which can activate their brains in a different way.

Dance: Our children love to dance any kind of music and it is a way to express themselves. They are also really proud of their Peruvian culture and usually perform typical dances for visitors, celebrations or for fun. Most of the time they learn the dances through videos, having regular classes to learn typical dance will be a way to keep their culture alive, doing exercise and relieve their stress.

Bakery: We have a small bakery called “MISKY TANTA” which means “sweet bread” in Quechua. Our aim is to teach our children how to make bread so that in the future they can have that skill in their lives. The idea is to produce different kinds of bread as well as pizza, cakes or empanadas, so the kids get familiar with ingredients and bake tools.

Football: Our boys love playing football (soccer) every hour of the day. Besides being a great sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and endurance, it is also a good sport that teaches coordination, teamwork, helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline. Our children are also able to compete against other teams outside NPH, this is motivating and increase their confidence and self-esteem.

These activities will allow our students to learn skills such as teamwork, better social skills, and critical thinking. Given the diversity of our children’s talents and personal interests, we want to offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities. In the last days of the summer vacation, the children can perform and show off all they have learned in championships and art shows at NPH home.


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