Dental Care for our Children

Local Context
The foundation for healthy teeth in children and teenagers is laid during the first years of life. Poor diet, poor habits of food intake, and inadequate tooth brushing habits during the first two years of life have been shown in several studies to be related to tooth decay in children. The development of cavities in primary teeth further increases the risk of developing them in permanent teeth. Once the children arrive at NPH we can start dental education to give them a good future care for their teeth.

Many of the children that arrive at our NPH home are suffering from vitamin and iron deficiencies, which are a result of undernourishment. One of the consequences of this is poor dental health. Therefore, it is essential to establish proper oral hygiene routines once the children arrive at the NPH home to develop strong and healthy teeth. Caregivers, as consistent role models, are key for setting a daily routine and to make children understand the importance of oral hygiene. Tooth brushing is presented as a habit and an integral part of the daily hygiene routine. This project aims to create an annual dental fund that will help treat more than 80 children living at our home, including cleanings, cavity care and orthodontic treatment.

Dental Care
Since we are a small home, we don’t have a dentist or a proper space for consultations. Because of that, we need to choose a dental clinic in the city and arrange visits throughout the year. The city closest to us has several clinics where our children can go and start the needed treatment. We are also in contact with a local dentist and university clinics that can come to our home and do a dental campaign for several days and bring all the necessary equipment to treat a group of children.

Teaching children about great dental care is about forming strong habits, setting positive examples, and guiding them while they are young.


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