NPH Peru One Family Program

Local Context
Children and adolescents who for various reasons live without or at risk of losing parental care are those who are most exposed to vulnerable cases of family violence, social violence, being victims of diseases, addictions, insecurity, poverty or extreme poverty, alcoholism, separation from parents, which leads to orphan hood, sexual violence, school dropout, anemia, malnutrition, and other pathologies that will condition the future development of children and adolescents, physically, psychologically and cognitively.

In Peru’s state-run Residential Care Centers, family reintegration follows a similar route to that of other Latin American countries, beginning with the stabilization of health problems, if any, followed by reincorporation into the educational system and, before transitioning to graduation, providing them with tools that will enable them to become economically self-sufficient and support their families, if necessary.

Peru is no stranger to the aspect that emphasizes the importance of family reintegration, considering experiences of other Latin American and European countries that have demonstrated and endorsed the negative impact of not reintegrating children and adolescents in their physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional and social development.

The NPH Peru One Family program began in 2018, with the aim of restoring the right of children and adolescents to live, grow and develop within their families. In 2020, the program served 3 children who live with their families in their communities. Currently, NPH Peru expects to support more than 11 children and adolescents by reuniting them with their families.

The OneFamily program is defined by the following process:
1. Continuously engaging the children through family awareness programs to learn about their opportunities and opinions.
2. Preparing children and families for family reintegration through a comprehensive, child-centered and compassionate process.
3. Reintegration of children with families in accordance with local laws.
4. Providing comprehensive follow-up support focused on the child’s well-being, including a connection to the broader NPH family for life.

Several organizations throughout Central American and the Caribbean provide temporary, protective care to children, reintegrating the children when possible. However, NPH provides a unique commitment in ensuring the temporary care of the child in the NPH home, yet a promise of ongoing support so that they can reach their full potential in their family environment.


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