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Local Context:

Admission to higher education in Peru is based on completion of secondary school. Admission is competitive and very selective, especially to prestigious public and not-for-profit institutions, so most universities also require a separate set of entrance examinations.

PES (Higher Studies Program):

In 2020 a new program called PES was created, integrated by several professionals at the home like the psychologist and social workers. The goal of the PES program is to support the students who will start living outside of NPH and help them with the transition.

In previous years the university girls lived inside the NPH home and while they were allowed to work outside on the weekends, they were still sharing a house and following the same rules as the rest of the children. The boys were living in a rented house outside the NPH facilities but still being supported directly by NPH with housing, utilities, food and other needs.

Starting in 2020, both our boys and girls were able to live outside of NPH and rent their own house or room through the PES program, giving them a monthly payment to support their rent, food, hygiene and transportation. This setup will help them be more independent and get experience with adult life while still under the support of NPH. This is a big step, especially for the girls who will start their life outside the home, but a really necessary step to educate and prepare them for their future. They will have to open a bank account, search for an apartment, manage their money and make sure their studies go well. Apart from the economical help, NPH is paying separately for tuition, monthly school fees, uniforms and books.

Living outside the NPH home also gives them the opportunity to have part-time or weekend jobs. They also come back to the home at least twice a month and help out. This is a great way for them to experience a real job, learn responsibility and become more independent.

Technical and Vocational Training

Vocational and technical education are offered by the higher technological institutes, the higher pedagogical institutes, academies of music and fine arts, national schools for public administration and public health, and diplomatic academy. Higher technical education institutes (IETS) also offer post-secondary education in Peru.

This year we have 6 students in different areas. The duration of this studies varies from 1, 2 and 3 years. At this educational level, students are required to submit and defend a feasibility project along with the completion of training and coursework and they will receive qualification awarded, expert, Professional and Technical in their respective disciplines. These vocational studies are really practical and have good recognition in the work market.

University in Peru

University level studies have two stages: undergraduate and graduate. Undergraduate studies lead to bachiller, and graduate leads to specialist, masters and doctorate degree. This year we have 8 university students in different careers.



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