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NPH has been serving in El Salvador since 1999. Casa Sagrada Familia is located between Santa Ana and a small town called Texistepeque. With warm weather and surrounded by multiple trees that create a beautiful view, Casa Sagrada Familia creates the ideal environment to develop the life of our population. 

For more than 20 years, NPH El Salvador has been the largest family in the country. Through our Internal Program and External Program: Becas Comunitarias Padre Wasson, we provide support to 373 girls, boys, and youth who come from difficult environments and situations.  

In the Internal Program, it is essential to provide to each of the children and youth all the basic care that is given in a traditional family, such as education, health, food, home, and love. 

Additionally, in the External Program Becas Comunitarias Padre Wasson, as part of the Prevention Program of our home, we focus on providing the necessary educational tools for students from low-income families. Students from the External Program receive support at different educational levels, ranging from Initial Education with our Centro de Bienestar Infantil (CBI) to higher education. 

NPH El Salvador focuses on raising complete, gratified, and skillful children so that they grow up to be able to reach their dreams and to become productive members of society. 

  • Inauguration: 1999 
  • Main House: Casa Sagrada Familia 
  • Characteristics: School (From Kindergarten to 9th grade), Centro de Bienestar Infantil (CBI) (Initial education), Clinic, Chapel, Houses, farm, courts, and gardens. 

    “Our girls and boys come to our Family with stories, difficult backgrounds, impoverished communities and we are not able to change that; however, we can transform their present through our programs offering them everything they need to develop their full potential and thus be able to move forward in their lives and have an impact in their communities. That is when we fulfill the Philosophy of our dear Fr. Wasson

    – Dora Serrano, National Director, Hermana Mayor


    The homes of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos provide Support to children and youth who live in them, in addition to providing different services to the communities where they are located. Each NPH home focuses on different areas that are developed according to the needs of the population they serve. NPH El Salvador focuses on the areas of Protection, Prevention, and Education. 

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    NPH El Salvador is a home for vulnerable children and young people, who are provided with all the basic necessary services to develop completely. NPH provides education, health, food, residence and clothing permanently, in a family environment full of love and based on Christian values. 

    NPH El Salvador offers help to Hermanos Mayores (People who grew up at NPH and now live independently and/or have formed their own families) and different vulnerable communities, providing support at different educational levels through the Padre Wasson Community Scholarship program. 

    Within this program, there is the Centro de Bienestar Infantil (CBI), which provides Initial Education to boys and girls between 1 and 6 years old who come from low-income communities. 

    The students of the Padre Wasson Community Scholarships receive support at different educational levels. At the NPH school there are students studying from Kindergarten to ninth grade; there are also students who receive a scholarship to study high school and higher education through universities or technical schools. 

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    Education has always been an important role for NPH Founder Father William Wasson: “Education will lift my children out of the poverty in which they were born.” That is why NPH El Salvador provides a comprehensive quality education that helps children and young people discover their skills and prepare to develop in life. At Centro Escolar Católico Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, there are classes from Kindergarten to Ninth grade in which students receive their preparation and basic knowledge for their high school and higher education. In the NPH school the seeds that will be harvested in the future are sown. 

    NPH El Salvador Timeline

    In 1999 the first 12 children arrived in Santa Ana

    Breaking generational poverty begins with helping a child.

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