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The quality of healthcare in El Salvador is considered to be poor, with the country’s healthcare system ranked 115th out of 190 countries all over the world. Access to healthcare in El Salvador is in direct association with the level of income of an individual. Private and public healthcare providers are primarily located within major cities such as the capital of San Salvador. There are few healthcare facilities in rural, remote areas of the country where one-third of the population lives.

The NPH El Salvador home cares for 110 children who live together as a family and there are also more than 250 beneficiaries in our external programs. All of them receive full medical care. Inside our home, we have a clinic that is open 24 hours a day in case the children become ill. In addition, the clinic provides medical assistance three times a week to people in the community around our home. Our clinic has a full-time doctor, an assistant, and three nurses who take 24-hour shifts. They are all in charge of assisting the children when they are sick. There are two dorms in our clinic –one for boys and the other for girls- where children stay overnight if necessary, for observation or rest.

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There are around 30 children who visit our clinic every month. Most of the time, our children visit our clinic due to colds, coughs, and minor injuries. If there is an emergency, they are taken to a hospital in Santa Ana which is about 30 minutes away by car. If any of our children need to consult with a specialist, they are taken to Santa Ana or San Salvador to their appointments. Among the specialists our children consult with are; neurologists, psychiatrists, orthodontists, and urologists. There are around twenty children who attend at least one of these specialists per month.

This project aims to guarantee the best health care and prevention for all of our children. Please help us provide the best care possible for our internal and external population.


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