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The lack of coverage in early childhood and preschool education in El Salvador is reflected in basic education, first grade maintains the highest levels of repetition (14.7%); a drop-out of (7.7%) and over the age of (8.9%), of the entire national education system, in the last census in 2007.

The first seven years of life are the most important in child development, since they constitute a period in which physical, mental and social adaptation changes take place. As an introduction to the life process and first contact with the world, this stage demands a lot of cooperation from adults, who must provide the child with programmed stimulation and care related to survival, protection and development.

In the last few years, the number of children between one and six years old living in the home has been reduced; therefore, NPH El Salvador developed a program for early education and started a daycare center because of the need in the sorrounding communities. This is a place where the communities from San José el Sompopo, Cantón Cujucuyo, Texistepeque and Hermanos Mayores can take their children during the day.

Early Childcare Center
The Child Care Center (CBI) is a space where the integral development of children in their early childhood is promoted, which contributes to their preparation for life. It opened in NPH El Salvador in 2017.

CBI cares for girls and boys who come from poor families, their parents usually work in agriculture and mothers carry out domestic chores or attend small businesses in their homes such as raising poultry, small shops, etc. These communities often don’t have pre-school education, so CBI becomes the space in which children acquire skills required to start their formal education.

NPH El Salvador also provides a balanced diet and medical check-ups for all children.

Daily Operations
Currently we have three teachers and two educators, which develop an academic curriculum, regulated by the Salvadoran Institute for the integral development of children and adolescents (ISNA).

CBI opens 11 months from January to November for 8 hours a day. From Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The methodology is organized in 7 pedagogical areas that are: welcome, conversation, preparation, recreation, refreshment, play-work and farewell. CBI also includes an approach beyond cognitive development, through the integration of the following topics:

Health and nutrition: As a contribution to improving the nutritional status of children, NPH El Salvador provides healthy food and snacks for children, accompanied by a process of training in hygiene habits, which generates good practices for children and prevents healthcare issues as diarrheal diseases or parasitism.
Catholic values: Those are transmitted to children in a playful way in an environment of peaceful coexistence and respect for themselves.

In addition to serving the 80 boys and girls, 83 additional out-of-school children are also supported with extracurricular activities, which are part of our Father Wasson community scholarship program. They receive uniforms, food, refreshments and didactic material to carry out their school tasks.


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