The way back home

Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America, extreme poverty affects 14,7 % of populations and 37,5 of population is affected by moderated poverty. 

In Bolivia every year 2000 children are received in residential care houses, about 970.000 children live at risk of been abandoned (23%of child population).  

The family is the core of the society, strengthening family ties means restoring the right to live in a family. It is not a unique event, but a different process for each child and adolescent and in each situation. This process involves searching for families of origin (nuclear or extended) and thus being able to assess security and other concerns. If the family is not a risk for the child and adolescent, it begins with family re-connection to strengthen ties. 

A disintegrated family is the main factor in incurring poverty and the abandonment of children, that is why it is so important to strengthen ties and reestablish the right to belong to a family 


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Kids holding hand at NPH Bolivia