Bladimir Antonio Ruiz Rivas, Interim Director for NPH Nicaragua

Bladimir was born in Granada, Nicaragua, on November 15, 1965. The son of Carmen Rivas and Orlando Ruiz, he grew up in the midst of a humble family. Despite the difficulties, his mother strived every day to provide for him, his siblings, and the necessary sustenance. Her dedication and sacrifice became the pillars that guided him throughout his life.

He pursued his studies in Industrial Engineering at the National University of Engineering during the period 1991-1995. Due to a series of circumstances, he did not complete his higher education.

His collaboration with NPH began in 1998. He initiated by designing Christmas cards and promotional brochures for NPH from his design studio, ARCO Producciones. The contact person at that time was Mrs. Anna Buhler, a close friend of Father Wasson.

In 2002, during a visit to Casa Santiago on Ometepe Island, everything changed completely for Bladimir. From the moment he personally got to know the NPH project, its vocation, and service to children and youth in vulnerable situations, he knew this would be his cause and that he would commit himself fully, regardless of the time or effort it might require.

It was during one of the visits to Casa Santiago that he had the blessing of meeting Father Wasson, who later asked him to be part of the Board of Directors, to which he joined in approximately 2003.

Currently, he has been collaborating with NPH for 26 years, initially working voluntarily in promoting and raising funds for the project. As a member of the Board of Directors, he has taken on various roles, and to this day, he serves as Interim Director and Legal Representative of NPH-Nicaragua.

Bladimir’s commitment to this cause is unwavering. His willingness is to collaborate from any sphere, whether in formal positions or as a volunteer, adapting to the needs of the moment because he is convinced that every action counts to achieve a positive impact, and it is their will that can make the difference so that girls, boys, and young people mired in poverty, and lacking many other needs, can have an opportunity to move forward and change their lives.