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Little boy from Mexico smiling to the camera
April 16, 2021By Daniel Zapata, Mexico

Poverty affects large sectors of the population in each of the nine countries where Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos serves. Mexico, where NPH was first established in 1954, is often seen as one of the more...

Man in an orange shirt standing in front of a home in the Dominican Republic
January 6, 2021By Adonis Pio, Dominican Republic

Pablo is 40-years-old. He lives with his 10-year-old son Sebastián and his wife María. They live in Batey Nuevo, just a few streets away from Casa Santa Ana: home to NPH Dominican Republic. The bateyes are...

October 14, 2020By Nele Pijnenburg, Honduras

Dear World, I’m happy to write to you all! I arrived to NPH in 1994 with my five siblings when I was less than 12 months old. Now I am 25-years-old and I am in the second year at the National University,...

December 13, 2019By Thomas Hartig, Guatemala

Since 2016, NPH’s OneFamily program has provided support for struggling families. It has also helped reintegrate children who had previously lived at Casa San Andrés in NPH Guatemala back into their biological...

St. Damien needs you
October 19, 2018By Jacqueline Gautier, Haiti

As a result of the recent and imminent hospital closings, St. Damien is experiencing a tremendous increase in demand for services, particularly from women in labor and children, putting a significant strain on...