Our Voices: Margot from NPH Honduras

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Margot* is a second-year university student who also helps as an educator and caregiver at NPH Honduras. In this letter, she shares her feelings about the pandemic and how thankful she is to be part of NPH.

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14 Oct 2020

Dear World,

I’m happy to write to you all! I arrived to NPH in 1994 with my five siblings when I was less than 12 months old. Now I am 25-years-old and I am in the second year at the National University, where I am studying Physical Education.

The situation we are in with COVID-19 is not easy for me. However, with the help from NPH, I feel safe and with the inner need to help the family. I am very concerned about my sisters who do not have a job, making it more difficult the support for my nephews who will probably lose a year of school.

I am currently working as an educator with the youngest children in the NPH Honduras home, playing a mothering role, while also studying online. What I enjoy the most is sharing my time with the children, doing activities and helping them with their homework.

For me, my Godparents are very important and influential people in my life. Through their help, they have made a great impact on me person as a person. I feel very grateful. My sponsors help me financially, through love from their big hearts, they have changed my social life and through letters we have strengthened our friendship. Also, they have helped me to achieve my goals. Sponsors are important because they are in charge of looking after our well-being, contributing to the process of our educational, spiritual and personal formation.

To conclude, I am really grateful. First, for belonging to the great NPH family. Thank you to my Godparents for their great love and support to us in this difficult time we are going through. We have you in our prayers and thoughts. I also want to thank all the people who work at NPH for their great devotion and commitment to this great NPH family.



Margot arrived with her siblings at Rancho Santa Fe, Honduras, after her parents passed away and she had no other parental figure to take care of her and her brothers and sisters. She loves playing soccer and running in her spare time, and her favorite dish is rice pudding, still till this day.

*Name of the girl have been changed to protect hey privacy.