NPH Peru Grateful to Banco de Alimentos del Perú for the Continued Support

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Banco de Alimentos del Perú, together with different organizations and associated companies, continues to provide multiple donations for the benefit of the children of NPH Peru.

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8 Dec 2020

Despite the difficult moments our country is going through, Banco de Alimentos reaffirms its commitment to support NPH Peru through various donations of food and hygiene products.

During the COVID-19 crisis, efforts have increased to support children and youths at NPH Peru. Thanks to the participation of shops, companies and private donors, Banco de Alimentos collects and distributes products to help social organizations serving food insecure populations.

Led by the general manager Daniela Osores, the work of Banco de Alimentos has not stopped since the beginning of the national emergency caused by the spread of the pandemic in Peru.

Thanks to her management and the alliance of Banco de Alimentos with various companies, NPH Peru received donations of dairy products, beverages, fruits and vegetables and groceries in recent months. Other companies also supported NPH with hygiene and cleaning products such as liquid detergent, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

The donations received represent a great support for the well-being of the children in the NPH home. The value of these products received is incalculable in the hands of our boys and girls, who celebrate with true smiles the entire solidarity of those who transmit strength and hope with each donation.

NPH Peru wants to express its gratitude to Banco de Alimentos del Perú and to all the companies, markets and allied producers that provide their help trough basic necessities and cleaning products for the comfort and care of our children, who have a comprehensive development in our home. These contributions are vitally important to join the work we do for their benefit.

NPH Peru hopes to continue counting on the strong commitment of each of the participants that made the arrival of these donations possible. The NPH Peru family relies on the participation of other organizations and companies that join this initiative to continue providing opportunities to our children.

We reiterate our gratitude and hope to continue joining efforts for the benefit of the children who need the most, who are the future of our Peruvian community.

If you would like to make a donation, you can donate from S/1 a day to support our children and youth. Visit your local NPH office to see how you can help.

Also, to learn more about how you can support NPH Peru, contact the local fundraising office directly via this link.