XXVIII NPH Nicaragua Anniversary

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With joy, I share with all of you the joy of celebrating 28 years of serving and sharing the love of family (Father Wasson’s essential legacy) with the NPH Nicaragua’ community. On our anniversary, we try to live three essential principles; gratitude, fun and family sharing.

This is a day where the entire NPH Nicaragua community sits and thanks God for the opportunity he gives us to serve the children and families of Nicaragua. Thank also because despite the bad times that we experience, we still have the opportunity to exist and be a living witness of family love that God wants the children to live. Thank God for all the kind-hearted people who support us and continue to believe in the family love that NPH instills in the different programs in Nicaragua.

The anniversary is a time to have fun. We forget the sufferings, structures and work. The children and staff in general are part of the different games and activities that take place that day. It is a day of pure joy. We play, dance, shout, compete, eat and jump in the mud.

The most important thing about the anniversary is that we share as a family. Children sit down to share experiences during the games and how beautiful it is to be part of this family. Workers regardless of the departments to which they belong are integrated to share with the children every moment of this celebration.

God bless you!

God bless Nicaragua and may God bless Father Wasson who takes care of us from on high.

Long live NPH Nicaragua!