The Story of Soledad

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Growing up in the NPH family, Soledad is now practicing the values of the home.

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Soledad* was born on June 6th, 2001. She joined NPH when she was three months old because her family lived in extreme poverty.

When Soledad first arrived at NPH, she lived in the Asis House, which was the house for babies, but when she was six years old, she moved to the NPH home on Ometepe Island to join the older children and her three brothers.

Now she is 16 years old. She grew up in NPH Nicaragua and is in 9th grade of high school, proud of herself and striving toward her goals to be better every day.

Soledad is very grateful to God and NPH, as a generous family who has given her: love, protection, education, healthcare and food. She is also grateful for Father Wasson because he was the founder of the home for her and other children. She remembers her first day in school as an amazing day when she met new friends, the teachers, and had fun telling stories and playing. She also remembers the caregivers, also known as the tíos and tías, and the way they taught her to swim and to ride a bike. If she failed in something, they said to her, “Never give up, because you can do it and you need to keep moving forward.”

Soledad shares that she likes to practice these NPH values: helping, sharing, studying, working and respecting other children.

Soledad says, “We are all a big family in NPH. I feel proud and happy to be part of NPH and proud of myself for achieving my goals. Don´t forget…it does not matter where we come from, our race or other differences, we are all children of God and part of this big family.”

*Name changed for privacy purposes.