Supporting Emotional Stability after the Mexico Earthquake

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Since the earthquake of September 19, 2018, NPH Mexico has been working hard to support our children through the physical and emotional stresses that were placed upon our family. From day one, our professional staff began providing safe spaces for children to address psychological or emotional troubles that arose following the natural disaster, as well as preventative care to address any anxieties that might arise.

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14 Jun 2021

The psychology and family services departments have worked together to provide all children with sessions in a structured and supportive environment to explore the emotional impact that the earthquake had on them.

Psychologists have worked with preschool, primary, and secondary school children in Miacatlán with various age-appropriate activities that help children easily understand why earthquakes happen, what to do in the event of an earthquake, and the emotions that could arise during or after surviving an earthquake. Relaxation techniques to help address stress have also been taught.

The coordinator of the “Chicas Poderosas” program – our female empowerment youth group – has been supporting our high school girls, touching on issues of emotional health and stress following impactful events like a natural disaster.

Our priority is the emotional and mental health of our children, and these sessions and activities will continue in all areas of our home so that we can ensure a complete and stable system of support as our family moves on from the jarring events of the September 2018 natural disaster.