Security Reinforcement

From January to November, the security climate in Haiti has worsened. During this year, despite the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, armed groups brought citizens living in the country to their knees. Infants, children, youth and adults, employees as unemployed, none of these groups have been spared the assaults of armed bandits who have fragmented the national territory.

The country started the first two months of the year amid a climate of uncertainty. At the end of 2019’s controversial end to the scars of the “country lock”, the country woke up in 2020 with repeated acts of kidnappings. Despite the fact that a sequestration area was duly identified, Village de Dieu, according to the testimonies of several victims, the authorities were unable to stop this scourge which generated fear throughout the year.

Record number of people murdered
According to the Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations, from January to August 2020, 944 individuals were murdered in the country. 124 cases of kidnappings were confirmed during this same period marked by restrictions on activities due to the spread of the new coronavirus on the national territory. According to other organizations, unconfirmed kidnapping cases are higher than those disclosed in the press and documented by human rights organizations.

And, the National Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace has recorded 39 cases of assassinations for the month of September, 29 of which were shot either through clashes with armed groups, the National Police, or unidentified individuals.

Among these victims, a nine-month-old baby was killed in Cité-Soleil in clashes between rival groups in July. A five-month-old infant was also killed in early August in Ganthier commune by a gang, which has also kidnapped four of our employees, including the head responsible of the Ste. Anne-St. Simon, our home of babies and special needs children.

In order to help our security team to better secure our facilities, security measures such as cameras, projectors, lights with censors as well as supplies for the installation are required.


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