Scholarships for Community Students in Situations of Social Vulnerability

NPH Guatemala offers a scholarship program for underprivileged children from the communities near our home. These children do not have access to education because they cannot pay school fees, uniforms or school supplies. At our on-site school, approximately 80% of the students have scholarships and come from nearby communities, offers the service of pre-primary, primary and basic education in its educational center, the Montessori methodology is taught in pre-primary to fourth grade.

In 2018, NPH Guatemala awarded 157 scholarships to community children, in 2019 we increased to 200 due to growing need, in 2020 we had 211 scholarship recipients and in 2021 we had 246 scholarship recipients. In 2022 we will offer scholarships to 291 boys and girls from the surrounding communities.

Our Educational Center resorted to a hybrid educational system consisting of face-to-face and distance classes in the 2021 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the closure of schools since March 2020. We made sure to comply with the biosecurity regulations imposed by the Government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala. With the advice of health professionals, we are developing the protocol to be implemented in 2022 when it is feasible for students to return to class.

The NPH Guatemala Scholarship Program aims to help boys and girls in situations of social vulnerability stay longer in school and complete their studies. With this project we guarantee an inclusive and equitable quality education, we promote learning opportunities for all, we also promote gender equality and empower girls.

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