Together, We Can Build Brighter Futures for Children in Latin America

Did you know?

That close to 1/3 of children in Latin America are born into poverty?

Every day, in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the rest of the countries in the region,
there are innocent, pure children coming into this world with no access to basic necessities many of us take for granted.

In Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the region, there are 405,000 children in need of assistance.

This means no access to clean water, school supplies, educational resources, food,  and basic medical care.

This tragedy is unfolding before our eyes, and there is something we can do about it.


This is where Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos comes into the picture.

Founded in 1953, we are an organization aiming to help children escape the cycle of poverty through education.

For decades, we have helped hundredes of children overcome very difficult conditions, and grow into successful doctors, engineers, and healthy adults with happy lives.


Empowering Youth


Through our diligent effort throughout the years, over 20,000 children have been raised in all 9 homes since 1954. By enabling children to escape the misfortunes of poverty through education, we aspire to improve their lives and those of their communities. These communities are often ridden with systemic problems from access to water, to education, and safety. We endeavor to empower the members of such communities to be catalysts of change by providing them with the tools to forge a better path for themselves and those around them.


Education in Latin America

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