“Having the opportunity to do God’s work is the greatest happiness of all. Father Wasson has given me that opportunity. I am deeply grateful for that.”

Reinhart Koehler, President, Former Volunteer

Interest in international development work brought Reinhart from Germany, his homeland, to Mexico in 1981. He discovered Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos and, inspired by Father William Wasson’s work, he applied to be a year-of-service volunteer. He went on to dedicate many years of service to NPH in a variety of roles. Among them, in 1985, Fr. Wasson asked Reinhart and Father Rick Frechette to co-found the NPH home in Honduras. As its first national director, he guided NPH Honduras to become an established and vibrant part of the national nonprofit social service network. Reinhart has served on the NPHHI board since 2013. Today, Reinhart is based in Honduras where he lives at Rancho Santa Fe with his wife and family.