Jader Rayo, National Director of NPH Nicaragua

Jader Rayo was born in Nicaragua and is proud to call himself an ex-hermano.He entered NPH Nicaragua at the age of 13 in the company of his two younger sisters due to reasons of abandonment by his parents. He completed his secondary education at Casa Padre Wasson. Then in 2001, he completed his first year of service caring for children with disabilities at Casa Santiago on the Island of Ometepe and later went on to study political science. In February 2008, he was appointed by Marlon Velásquez as House Director of NPH Nicaragua until December 2010. Then from January 2011 to October 2013, he decided on a change of scenery and to enhance his leadership skills at another NPH home by becoming House Director at NPH Guatemala. Finally, in late 2022, he was appointed National Director of Nicaragua.