NPH youth on track of their professional preparation

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Twelve high school students from NPH Guatemala who graduated with different vocational majors in 2021 and are now preparing to study at the university next year.

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21 Jan 2022

In Guatemala, the right to an education is enshrined in the constitution. Primary schooling is mandatory, the law states that children must go to school for six years. However, absenteeism is not prosecuted. Tuition is free at public schools. However, school uniforms, books, and school supplies do cost money, making it difficult for many poor families to send their children to school, with girls being particularly disadvantaged. Even though many children also have to work, either all day or after school, 89 percent of Guatemala children manage to go to school today.

NPH Guatemala helps Educate Guatemalan Children
In 2021, 292 girls and boys in primary and secondary grades attended NPH Guatemala‘s Educational Center. Despite of the difficulties caused by COVID-19, 99 percent of our students finished their academic classes with NPH. Secondary school is now only attended by 48 percent of boys and 45 percent of girls in Guatemala. Many of these attend private schools that charge tuition, making this option only affordable for middle or upper families.

NPH Guatemala helps children to get a good education. Our scholarship program is aimed at children and young people from neighboring communities with limited economic resources. At NPH Guatemala’s Educational Center about 43 boys and girls receive a full scholarship and 216 children receive a scholarship depending on their families’ social-economic situation, the rest are our boarding children. From an early age, the children are encouraged according to their personal abilities.

Opportunities to Graduate with Professional Skills
Those who go on to high school can earn a specialized vocational secondary diploma within two years. A transition program helps young adults from NPH Guatemala and the communities with different levels of training. Through continuous individual and group support, NPH provides them with tools that help make them into professionals ready to successfully enter the modern Guatemalan workforce. Here are three of this year’s twelve students who graduated  high school with different vocational majors:

Name: Lester*
  •  Age: 20 years
  • Time at NPH: 9 years (2012)
  • Major: High school degree focused on Architecture and Engineering
  • High School: Colegio Bless
  • Workshops at NPH: Carpentry, sewing, and tailoring
  • Personal qualities: Creative, constructive, athletic
  • Future plans: Study architecture at the university next year.

“I feel very happy. I am proud to have successfully passed through this phase of my life and to graduate from this major with a vocational high school diploma.”

Name: Kervenson*
  •  Age: 19 years
  • Time at NPH: 8 years (2013)
  • Major: High school degree focused on Physical Education
  • High School: ENEF Chimaltenango
  • Workshops at NPH: Sports, crafts, sewing and tailoring, cooking
  • Personal qualities: Responsible, loves sports and cooking
  • Future plans: Study nursery management at the university next year.

“I feel very good because graduating was one of my life goals. My dream is to become a doctor and to help others, while sports are my favorite hobby.”

Name: Isadora*
  •  Age: 22 years
  • Time at NPH: 17 years (2004)
  • Major: High school degree in Science and Arts with a focus on computers
  • High School: INEP Parramos
  • Workshops at NPH: Sewing and tailoring, English
  • Year of service: Casa Guadalupe (Babies’ house)
  • Personal qualities: Dancing, singing, sewing, and being orderly
  • Future plans: Study Educational Administration at the university next year.

“I feel satisfied and happy because I have completed another goal. Thanks to NPH I could continue my studies during the pandemic.”

NPH Guatemala is very proud of our diverse vocational graduates. Seven are boarding students and five are scholarship students from economically-challenged communities, evenly split into six females and six male students. Three of our youths graduated in Hospitality and Tourism, four in Computer Science, one in Physical Education, one in Secretarial Skills, and three in Architecture and Engineering.

Education Can Open Many Doors
NPH believes that receiving a quality education is the key to a better life. The goal is to give each child a strong foundation of basic academic and interpersonal skills while providing an extensive variety of educational opportunities for as long as our students need them. With the educational scholarships, NPH offers them access to the universal right to education. NPH’s students are trained using ethical principles, academic quality, and technical preparation that favors the development of their unique potential to contribute productively to society.

“Only education will lift my children out of poverty!” – Father William B. Wasson.

NPH Guatemala is committed to the promotion and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through our Preparation programs, NPH supports young people to achieve SDG #4 – Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all; SDG #1 – No Poverty: End poverty in all its forms everywhere, and SDG #8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.