NPH Bolivia’s First College Graduate a Role Model for All

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Like many children who have joined the NPH family, 25-year-old Ever Terrazas arrived at NPH Bolivia due to family hardship. While the transition into the home was difficult in his first year, he quickly discovered the love and support that would be found at the home.

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14 Jun 2021

Coming from a disadvantaged situation, Ever was pleased to find all the different opportunities that NPH offered. He took advantage of these chances by studying hard, participating in the home’s soccer team, and attending the NPH International Youth Conference.

“Those opportunities helped me to develop my personal and professional skills so I could continue to serve my NPH family,” he explains. “That is what Father Wasson wanted all of us to do.”

After excelling in primary and secondary school, Ever continued his studies in Mexico towards a degree in industrial engineering. During college, Ever resided at the NPH Mexico university home and in four years became NPH Bolivia’s first college graduate.

After college, Ever was accepted into the Seattle Institute where he spent 10 months in the United States to further develop his personal and professional skills. Afterward, he decided to return to NPH Mexico for a year and is currently working to give back to the family that helped him so greatly. He oversees the same university student community that he was a part of. He is the group’s main contact for assistance. He also works to collect funds for students to offset the expenses of their college education.

As an Hermano Mayor—older brother, the title NPH gives to adults who grew up in one of our nine homes—he understands the impact he can have on the younger generation. He hopes that he can guide them on the right path. He is a model of how NPH can change an individual´s life and he wants to motivate the children to use those same opportunities that helped him.

“We [Hermanos Mayores] are examples for the kids,” he says. “We show the children that they too can succeed and improve their lives, but they need to know that it doesn´t come easy.”

After he finishes his year with NPH Mexico, he plans on finding a job in his field of industrial engineering. After he is settled in his profession, he wants to continue to give back and support the communities that helped him.

“NPH gave me a clear idea of what I wanted to do and prepared me for it,” Ever finishes. “They gave me the chance to change the trajectory of my family and I want to help others change theirs, too.”

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