Les Cayes: 80% of the Houses Destroyed by Earthquake

25 Aug 2021

Géhy Jean Noel, Assistant National Director

I recall the day 12 January 2010, when I experienced an earthquake for the first time in my life while living at the Ste. Helene home, in Kenscoff with my NPH siblings. It was not easy at all, as you can imagine. We have lived through death.

Yesterday (19 August), I traveled to the south of Haiti, more precisely to Les Cayes, motivated by the urge to help the earthquake victims. However, I was also carrying a lot of fear in my stomach caused by the insecurity in the Martissant and Fontamara areas which lie en-route to the south. I was accompanied by people who were really afraid of the bandits living in these areas. But as missionaries, we took the risk.

Our first obstacle was the transport, which consisted of a St. Damien Hospital ambulance that would keep us secure and enable us to travel as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it broke down on the way, but we did all that was necessary to keep moving forward.

Along the side of the road from Aquin commune leading to Les Cayes (approximately 60 miles), there were barricades erected by people seeking support, especially around St. Louis du Sud. We have met many people, a truly sad and terrible amount of testimony beyond human comprehension. I visited neighborhoods where 80% of the houses were totally destroyed. We saw victims lying in the streets, the desolation in their eyes could be seen, an enormous desolation.

I too suffered personal loss: my uncle died under the rubble. Despite all the efforts to clear the space where his house was located, his body has not yet been found.

He was a good person and was loved by the family. We are left in tears; it’s not always easy to accept losing someone you love, but God in His goodness may have mercy on him and accept him on his side.

We don’t need to ask questions. We can all see their faces, everything is already explained in relation to the surroundings.
The worst part of all of this is that hurricanes are forecasted for Haiti. The need is high and more than urgent. They urgently need medical care, tents, iron sheets, firewood, cosmetics, water and food. We already have a place reserved for a temporary shelter, so we would like to act before the storm hits.

We already have volunteers waiting for us on site. We think that this weekend we should go to Les Cayes to bring our help, as well as to do training workshops and also to try to give hope to the victims.

We need you. Haiti needs your help!

Help make these people smile again, save a person with a simple gesture.