Hortencia: I Dream of Being an Architect

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Hortencia is from Metlatónoc in the state of Guerrero, south-western Mexico. She arrived at NPH Mexico in November of 2020 with her older brother. Upon arrival at NPH Mexico, she was integrated into the last year of high school and quickly adapted to life at Casa San Salvador, Miacatlán.

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27 Jan 2022

From a young age, Hortencia had always enjoyed studying. Entering NPH Mexico gave her the platform she needed to progress in her education. She performed well at school and she endeared herself to her classmates and teachers. Her dream is to have a career, get ahead in life and support her family.

Metlatónoc does not have many opportunities for girls and women to gain an education and go to school. Girls continue to be sold to marry much older men or be exchanged for cattle. There are also no medical services in that region, leaving town’s population having to travel for four hours to be treated for just basic ailments. Today Hortencia has a long-term life project, just like the 650 boys, girls and young people that NPH Mexico cares for and attends to.

Hortencia is living out experiences that are transforming her life. She is now 18 years old and lives at Casa Buen Señor in Cuernavaca, where she has access to health services and protection and support of NPH so she can achieve her dreams. “Living at NPH is very different from the life I led with my family, because here there are more activities that promote my physical and intellectual development. It gives me great joy that my brother, four years older than me and who is also at NPH, moved to the NPH university home in Monterrey in August 2021, where he studies engineering. What a great opportunity for him and for all the family!” says Hortencia.

“Now I am studying the first semester at high school. I have many friends and I want to make an effort in my studies and go to university like my brother. My dream is to be an architect. I am passionate about drawing and I want to take advantage of this opportunity that they offer me. I never imagined that I could achieve my dreams.

“I am very happy!” affirms Hortencia, with her famous beautiful smile.

Learn more about our education programs at NPH Mexico by visiting   https://nph.org/project/mexico-1/