From Neighbor to a Valued Member of the Family

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Learn the story of Darich, who joined the NPH family as a university student.

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Darich Muñoz is originally from the island of Ometepe, Rivas. He comes from a simple and very religious family, growing up with his parents and other siblings. His mother was the one who took care of the needs of the family, doing odd jobs in tobacco shops so they could afford school tuition. But sometimes, Darich and his younger sister would have to sell fruit and boxes to cover other school expenses. Sad circumstances, yes, but Darich says they helped him grow as a person and learn to value education.

After finishing high school, he found himself searching for a way to enter university. He sought scholarships through the government. He had settled on working for a time before entering the public university. But then NPH entered his life.

One day, by chance, he found a card with the contact information of the Director of NPH Nicaragua. (Darich alreadt knew of NPH, having grown up in the same part of the country as where our home is located.) He wrote to NPH asking for assistance to be able to enter the local university. He got no response. So he wrote again and again.

Finally, he heard back. NPH offered to support him financially through his studies. But in return, like all of the other children who spend years of their life at NPH, he would have to complete a ‘Year of Service,’ working at the NPH home supporting the children and staff in a particular field. His family was thrilled, giving him their blessing and endless support, as he moved into the NPH Nicaragua home.

For one year, he was a member of the Family Service Youth Group and helped in our on-site farm. Sometime later, he entered the public university to study business administration. When Darich had free time on weekends, he came back to the NPH home to help care for the youngest children. He goes back each weekend because of his mother and what she taught him, saying that she instilled in him the importance of gratitude and returning love to those who support you.

As a result of his hard work at NPH and his participation in several youth leadership workshops, Darich received a scholarship to study English and leadership in Seattle, USA. There he shared one year with people of different cultures and he made great friends. He shared many wonderful moments with the homestay family that welcomed him. He says he considers them his new family and that they will always have a place in his memories and his heart.

Darich is currently doing a university internship in the administrative offices of NPH Nicaragua. He enjoys the work, as he is learning something new every day. He hopes to finish his university studies next year and find a good job so that he can help take care of his mother. He thanks the NPH family for the great opportunities they have given him. He urges everyone else living at NPH to fight for their dreams and work hard every day.