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Photo: Ralph Tedy Erol

Haiti Crisis Appeal

  Photo: Ralph Tedy Erol

Extend a helping hand and assist the thousands of displaced individuals in Haiti by making a donation.

Families in Haiti need your help

Haiti is facing a humanitarian crisis and children and families are paying the price.

  • According to the UN, 362,000 Haitians have been displaced by gang violence, with over half of them children.

  • Up to 35,000 Haitians have fled from their homes in 2024, trying to escape the escalating crisis.

Haiti is currently experiencing an extreme escalation of violence in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. . Armed groups now control 80%, who in February and March launched targeted attacks on police stations and law enforcement. The situation further deteriorated when gangs entered two of the country’s national penitentiaries and set free up to 4,000 prisoners. Gangs continue with acts of vandalism, looting of public and private property, and setting fire to people’s homes. The Toussaint Louverture airport has been under gang attack for several days, but is defended by the Haitian army and police. The armed gangs are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The Haitian Government declared on Sunday, March 3, a state of emergency and a curfew until April in Port-au-Prince. The population are afraid to enter the streets or are fleeing their homes to save their lives.

NPH Responds

St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
St. Damien – our Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre – treating children up to 14 years of age – remains a beacon of hope for children and families in Haiti. The hospital is the first port of call for parents and communities in medical emergencies in the Port-au-Prince area. The hospital continues to open its doors around the clock ensuring uninterrupted care for the community. .

The external clinic, HIV/Community Health, External Pharmacy, and External Oncology departments have undergone significant reorganization to adapt to the current circumstances. Staff dedicated to hospitalization services are now operating on a 24-shift schedule, ensuring continuous presence and support. 

Kay St. Germaine and Kay Christine
Kay St. Germaine, Kay Gabriel, and Kay Elaine are Rehabilitation Outpatient Centers providing therapy and educating children and adults with neurological disabilities. On March 11, the Kay St. Germaine reopened its therapy services and they had 9 adults and 5 children.

Our school is still closed as the parents do not want to risk sending their kids while the situation remains dangerous.

Our home for people with disabilities, Kay Christine, continues to operate normally, where we currently have 58 youths and adults living us.

St. Helene
St. Helene is home to over 454 children and has an elementary and secondary school on the property, chapel, and other amenities. The school is open for the children in the community, providing classes for up to 1,048 children.

The children in the home are okay but are worried about their families in the community.

Father Wasson Angels of Light in Tabarre is our school for vulnerable children in the community. The school in Tabarre remains closed until further notice.

Don Bosco
Don Bosco is a higher education program in Tabarre for youths that graduated from St. Helene and are attending high school, university or technical schools. Due to the current circumstances, many individuals approach NPH Haiti seeking assistance with similar challenges. As they reside in Port-au-Prince, they are unable to attend school and encounter daily dangers. One of the most challenging aspects for them is navigating life with their families. NPH Haiti strives to support not only the students within our program but also those in need within the community.

The Need

$11 for a gallon of cooking oil
$36 for a 25kg bag of rice
$37 for a 25gk bag of sugar
$37.50 per day for 25 gallons of drinking water
$64 for a 22.68kg bag of beans
$350 per week for 70 gallons of fuel
$530 per day for two meals for 100 employees
$5,000 per week for 1,000 gallons of fuel to keep the generators of the St. Damien Hospital running

Please, Donate Today

  Photo: Ralph Tedy Erol

NPH’s Impact

Since the beginning of 2024, NPH Haiti has seen a significant decrease in the presence of some of our beneficiaries due to increasing insecurity. Despite these challenges, we have managed to serve a total of 454 beneficiaries through our various programs. 58 of these beneficiaries are children and youth in Kay Christine. They receive nutritious meals three times a day, medical care, physiotherapy, clothing, and many other essential services. In parallel, we welcome 18 external beneficiaries who attend our special school in Kenscoff every day.

We have 97 people who collaborate with us at Kay Christine and receive a hot meal daily. In addition, Ste Germaine school has welcomed 68 children since January 2024, offering them quality special education activities, physiotherapy sessions, and a daily meal.

Our physiotherapy center has welcomed 310 patients since January, including 118 children and 192 adults, some of whom also benefit from care at St Luc Hospital. In addition, 18 of these beneficiaries receive medical assistance, and 26 beneficiaries receive financial assistance for their families every month.

Currently NPH Haiti is helping over 40 refugees at Don Bosco.

In addition, NPH Haiti is helping 149 refugees at St Anne and over 7,500 refugees in surrounding communities.

beneficiaries through our various programs

patients in our physiotherapy center since January 2024

children welcomed at out Ste Germaine school since January 2024

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