Emergency Haiti

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The People in Haiti Need Your Help

Photo: Ralph Tedy Erol

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Donate now to help support the life-changing work of NPH Haiti. What we need in Haiti is:


  • $11 for a gallon of cooking oil

  • $36 for a 25kg bag of rice

  • $37 for a 25gk bag of sugar

  • $37.50 per day for 25 gallons of drinking water

  • $64 for a 22.68kg bag of beans

  • $350 per week for 70 gallons of fuel

  • $530 per day for two meals for 100 employees

  • $5,000 per week for 1,000 gallons of fuel to keep the generators of the St. Damien Hospital running

Your Aid is Vital


Photo: Ralph Tedy Erol

Extend a helping hand and assist the hundreds of displaced individuals in Haiti by making a donation.

If you can give more, consider becoming a recurring donor to help more children and more families in need.