Celebrating Reinhart Koehler’s Legacy and New Role at NPH

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As Reinhart Koehler concludes his tenure as President of the NPHHI Board, we reflect on his invaluable contributions and extend our gratitude for his unwavering dedication.

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28 Feb 2024


Reinhart Koehler, who has provided steadfast leadership as President of the NPHHI Board, will be stepping down from his role. We want to express our deepest gratitude for Reinhart’s outstanding contributions during his tenure. In light of this transition, Michelangelo Cambiaso Erizzo will keep the position he occupied as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NPHHI, but from now on he will be appointed as President of the Board, largely retaining his current duties as he will keep ensuring continuity and excellence in our operations.

Reinhart’s journey with NPH has been one of profound dedication and service. He began his NPH journey in 1982 as a volunteer in Mexico, embodying the spirit of compassion and commitment that defines our organization. In 1985, Reinhart played a pivotal role in establishing NPH Honduras, where he served as the National Director. His deep-rooted connection and understanding of our mission led him to join the board as president in 2013.

Even though Reinhart is stepping aside from his position as President of the Board of NPHHI, I am pleased to announce that he will continue with the NPH family. Reinhart will assume a new role as a Board Advisor for the organizational boards in the NPH Central American countries. In this capacity, he will serve as President of NPH Honduras, while also holding positions as a regular Board Member for NPH Guatemala and NPH El Salvador, and as a member of the General Assembly for NPH Nicaragua.

As Board Advisor, Reinhart will play a central role in local board meetings, offering invaluable insights into strategic planning and policy development. He will actively contribute to the selection process of new Board Members, ensuring the utmost diligence in board composition.

Furthermore, Reinhart’s responsibilities will extend to mentoring the National Director of Honduras, facilitating his professional growth and development, continuously championing the NPH mission as the organization evolves its services, and offering strategic counsel on cultivating relationships with major donors, thereby securing vital support for our cause.

Let us express our heartfelt gratitude to Reinhart for his dedication as President of the NPHHI Board and let us welcome him in his new role in Central America!

Together, let us continue to uphold the mission and values of NPH.